Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Identity Crisis 2: Art Journal Blogger

I know I originally said I would be Makeup Blogging, but yesterday was my first real attempt at an art journal spread, so I'm going to share that with you today.

There are a number of great art journal tutorials on youtube, but I'm really not equipped for video making, so I'm doing it in my blog instead.

Step 1:
Glue two pages together using Mod Podge.  Regret it almost immediately when the product wastes no time telling you that it likes to make paper wrinkle faster than a botox commercial before pic. (Wait, is this a thing?  Maybe... "it wrinkles faster than a prom dress on the floor of a limo".  Oh, yeah, that one.)

Step 2:
Get really sad, because if you had gesso, you wouldn't have to pretend the wrinkling was a happy accident.  Remember you had gesso in your last apartment. (Did you see the size of that jug in that video? Is she fucking drinking it? Seriously, though, it's a great video.  She explains it really well.)

Step 3:
Put everything on hold while you look for your gesso.  Waste 20 minutes putting up posters and finding gesso.

Step 3a: realize you're clinging to your youth.  Pour yourself some wine.

Step 4:  dump what is clearly way too much product on your pages.  Panic and rush to spread it around before it dies.

Rash decisions and poor planning are at the heart of many art projects.
Step 5:
Tear up and stick on a bunch of tissue paper.  Slap more gesso on top of it.


Step 6:
Very lightly slap a bunch of blue paint across it.  Realize the bumpyness is kinda fun.  Decide the simplest design is probably the best.  Cut out two tissue paper tulips.

This should have been a close-up, sorry
Step 7:
Give them stems and leaves.

Step 8:
Slap on a pithy, cathartic, or inspirational message in the center, using stamps. Something along the lines of "dance like no one's watching", or "you're not my real dad," or the ever popular, "it's my body and I'll share my hepatitis with whomever I want."

Step 9:
Notice that stamps are a gigantic pain in the ass while using them, and realize it will be 10 times worse when cleaning up.

Step 10:
Lean back and enjoy your creation.  Here comes the grand reveal...

Sponsored, epileptic fit.
This was great fun, and I'll be keeping it up. 

For examples on youtube:
Vicky Papaioannou

Christy Sobolewski

Leslie Herger (lots of general art instruction there, too.)

There are so many great videos on youtube, you can just keep clicking and finding awesome stuff.  

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