Wednesday, January 1, 2014

***UPDATE*** Happy New Year! Get your shit together.

Happy New Year everyone.  As someone who is generally not a big fan of new year's (too many times stuck in the lineup to get into a club, one where my midnight kisses came courtesy of my cousin and my cousin-in-law*), and my favourite new year's were the ones I spent at home.  I've been seeing someone recently** and he was unable to get a babysitter for the evening, so I ended up - blissfully - at home alone.

I was planning on staying up and reading all night, but I hurt my back earlier this week, so I took some back pills.  As a result, I was out cold by 10pm last night.  And up at 5:30 this morning.  I feel amazing.  Luckily, the boys downstairs are away, or I would have felt guilty getting up and turning on the radio this early.

My project for today, to try and start this year off right, is cleaning and reorganizing this room:

I was originally going to open these in paint and number a bunch of items to describe in this post, but I realized that was just another way of procrastinating on getting down to it***.

The tangible goals for taking care of this include:
-  managing my bills and creating a better file system.  Even if I don't have a specific plan in place at the moment, it's hard to make a plan when you have a bunch of boxes in your way to even get to most of the paperwork.
- there are a good number of posters that have yet to go up.  The plan for this room was that classy was out the door, and fun or cute was in.  Posters will help that.
- there's a lot of extra storage space in the closet here.  I'm using it, but I'm not using it very smartly.  I need to consider more uses/options for this space
- I suspect I can get rid of one of the two desks without too much trouble (the one under the window. The other has sentimental value, and I refinished it myself a couple years back).
- removing one desk will free up space for more bookshelves.  Most of my books are still at my dad's house.  Every so often, I'll get the urge to re-read something, or look something up, and I can't because it's not here, it's in a box in my dad's basement.  I know, world's smallest violin****.  More bookshelves will also help keep the three I already have nice and tidy.
- proper storage solution for my arts and craft junk.  At the moment, I have most of it in the footrest/bench in my living room.  I'd like to clear this out so I can make room for my video games and controllers, which are right now looking super ugly in a basket in front of the tv.

I'm hoping clearing this up will help with some intangible goals as well:
- read more, possibly create a concrete reading plan.
- write much, much more.  Ideas are easy; it's getting them down that's the hard part.  This includes this blog, keeping up with my paper journal (far too neglected, and my brain is humming because of it), and finally really working on the first draft of a novel.  I know, everyone's working on a goddamn novel these days.
- peace of mind, at least for one corner of my life.

I know it may seem like I'm putting a lot of pressure on this one room.  At the very least, cleaning it up will give me a sense of accomplishment that I haven't had for awhile.  I'm hoping that doing this today will set a tone for the upcoming year.  Last year was kind of a bag of shit for me*****. 

Daylight is burning! Go, go, go!

* "This is nice, thanks guys, but I know none of us want to go home and bone, so it's just not the same, hahaha" Their responses are where the evening got awkward.
** Nice man, not mentioned in here previously.  It's been about 3 months now, and spending new year's with him would have been very nice.
*** It's already 8am as it is! Get a move on, bitch!
**** Which is also in a box in my dad's basement.
*****One step forward, five steps back, onto a landmine. *click* "Shit, now I can't move. Can someone bring me a sandwich?"


 This is what it's looking like now. 

It doesn't look like there's been much progress. To be honest, I think it's at the 'worse before it gets better' phase.  I spent a lot of time cleaning out some files; some of the documents I shredded where from 2008!  Really need to keep up on that.  I can't believe I moved some of that crap to two other places when they could have just been pitched.

It's time for bed.  I'm knackered.  More later in the week.

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