Monday, August 8, 2016

Weight Watchers and a new dog.

I've decided to drink my Weight Watchers points tonight.  Several glasses in, I remembered that I have/had a blog.  It's been awhile; is this awkward?  I suspect it would be awkward if I had readers. Just kidding, I have readers.  Hello to both of you.

Picking up where I left off, there is still a lovely man in my life!  Sadly, his wonderful dog, Merlin has passed away. Merlin was between 13 and 15 years old, and was a beautiful beagle.  I think about him frequently, and I know the other half thinks of him every day.  We ended up being very lucky, we had one last great night with him before he was put down.  We fed him steak, took him to a park with deer and geese, and bought him as many fancy dog cookies as he could eat.

Several months later, we got another dog.
This is Gordie.  Don't let the cuteness fool you.

He's great. He has lots of energy.

As hinted previously in the post, I've joined Weight Watchers.  I had an opportunity to join at a (slight) discount through my workplace, and thought it was a good idea.  Since February 4, I've lost 45 pounds.  When I was at my heaviest (235 pounds, for those of you keeping score at home),  I was absolutely miserable.  I had no energy, heartburn more than not, and my knees were starting to get little twinges of pain in them (no big deal of course, they could handle it!).  It was time to make a change.   I still have a long ways to go, but even after the first week, the heartburn disappeared and I felt much better.  The amount of energy I have is fantastic.  The dog helps, he takes me for walks twice a day.

Late last summer, the other half (I gotta come up with a better name than that, I know I've called him Martin in a past post, but that's his actual name... expect all of this to be edited in the future), took me to see a band at Call the Office called The Sadies.  I'd heard of them, but never heard them before. They blew me away, not even kidding.  I remember leaving thinking it was this great injustice that they weren't more popular.  Why was I only hearing them now, they should have been played all over the place!  When I hear them now on recordings, the bluegrass/country influence is very clear, but when they first started playing live, the surf rock sound was so clear to me.  I hadn't heard that sound fresh in a long time, Part of it is this perfect blend of hollow-bodied electric and telecaster sound, I don't know (man, I must be drunk, trying to talk about specific guitars), backed by solid, brilliant bass and drums (I hate saying "backed" it makes the sound itself feel secondary when it isn't).  I saw them play a couple of times this year.  If I didn't have pesky obligations, I'd have followed them all around Ontario this summer.

At any rate, it's now time for me to go to bed.  I'll leave with a video from The Sadies (directed by Rick White.  Don't get me started on Rick White, that's a whole other post):