Saturday, September 1, 2012

Changing my situation

I've been trying to find a new apartment.  I've been casually looking for the past month or so, and more aggressively looking for the past few days.  It's not going overly well. <----- I typed that sentence last night, thinking I was going to write a blog post, but then going and searching for apartments on kijiji.  Bah.   I was put in touch with an agent who handles rentals, and she set me up to view a place on Tuesday.  This place is right across the street from my elementary school, how cool would that have been?  At any rate, I then went to her site and looked at pictures of the apartment, and it's tiny.  Like... not "I'm being a princess" tiny, but "I would have to get rid of more than half my stuff and buy a smaller bed" tiny.  Plus, basement apartment, and I saw ONE window in all the pictures.  That window was about as big as a legal size piece of paper. I cancelled the appointment as soon as I realized.  Not here to waste anyone's time.

A quick search of the internet makes the entire ordeal a little overwhelming.  Last night, while I was attempting to write a blog post, I ended up looking again.  I wrote some quick emails, made a couple of calls.  One of the ads looked like a really great place.  One bedroom with a big deck and an office.  At the bottom of the ad it said "the only kicker is that the apartment is for only one renter".  Fine, whatever, I don't actually have a problem with that, but it didn't quite sit well with me.  So, I asked when I emailed:

>Hi there,
>I'm interested in the 2nd floor apartment.  Is it still available?
> Additionally, when you say "the apartment is for only one renter" does that
> mean I cannot have a friend (or my mother) stay over?  Looks like a great
> place, hope to hear from you.  If not, have a great long weekend.

His reply:
>Yes, you can have your mother or a friend stay over, within reason.
>You can come see it tomorrow, call or email NAME to arrange it XXX-XXX-XXXX

Within reason?  Is this going to be my place or not?  Maybe it's no big deal, but it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Another one that stands out from last night's adventures was a two bedroom that's closer to work than I am now (two bedroom + 5min drive to work? Bonus!).  It was listed as having been posted by a real estate agent, so I called thinking I was going to leave a message.  Someone picked up, and I asked her about it.  "oh, yeah, we're subletting the place." (That doesn't make you an agent, girly.)  I asked if the reason they were leaving was because they had trouble with their landlord.  There was a slight hesitation before she said "no, we just need something bigger."  They're students, though, and she sounded young, so I don't know if trouble with the landlord is actually not really a problem at all (maybe landlord is sick of their crap).  She told me I could come see the place on Tuesday, around 5.  Then never took my name or anything and hung up.  So, that could be interesting.  I'm probably just projecting when it comes to the landlord relations thing, so I'll probably go and see the place.  Depending on how long the sublet is, it could be good.  If I like the place, I'll try to talk to the landlord, too.  Maybe he is a total dick, who knows.

I also have a meeting on Tuesday morning (I'm on vacation at the moment), with a company that has a lot of places that are in old houses, so they're going to show me a handful in my price range.  She then mentioned another unit that wasn't in my price range, and when I protested, she lowered her voice and said they're always open to negotiation, although "I really shouldn't be telling you this".  I appreciate the hint.  Plus, I often forget that a lot of this stuff is open to negotiation, so I need to keep that in my back pocket. 

I need to keep at it when it comes to finding a new place.  I haven't been really looking for all that long, and the place I'm in isn't a bad unit, really.  I've just had some awful experiences with the landlord, and now my parking building has been condemned, so it's quite the trek to my car.  Especially given the car situation, I don't want to be here when the show starts to fly.  But the unit itself is big, and I'm not paying much for it. I really need to suck it up and realize that I may have to fork over more for a place than I was hoping.

Looking at the bigger picture, I really feel that the living situation does not help my moods.  I'm uncomfortable leaving the apartment at night, the people are either frightening or depressing (I had to call 911 on a domestic dispute).  I go back and forth in my mind on staying or going, but I think I need to go.  Shame, I like my balcony.  I think I should get rid of my loveseat.  Sooner rather than later.  This is the crap floating around my head.

Anyways, best be going.  The beach is calling.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  If I need to be bitch-slapped for being unrealistic or all that fun stuff, lemme know.

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  1. Oh, apartment hunting... It's only fun when you are doing it for someone else :P

    Don't forget that you have a permanent job now so you probably don't need to be quite as frugal with your apartment. In general, you can go up to 35% of your income on housing (that includes all of your home-related expenses like hydro, etc.)

    If you want help searching online, lemme know. As I said - apartment hunting is fun when you're doing it for someone else :)