Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boo to the past week

I had nachos and rum for dinner, if you're wondering how today's counselling session went.  I was going to write about it, but the truth is that I just feel too awful at the moment.  The EMDR seems to have done sweet FA for me with this lady, and I'm not certain that's anyone's fault.  I'm not sure it ever did work.

I've had some terrible days at work recently, and then today we ended up touching on my mommy issues, and I just went to pieces.  I'm thirty and I've been in and out of therapy my entire life.  Mommy issues should be fucking over with.  The stress of douchebags at work, gearing up for a move, lack of sleep, and this terrible dream I had last night (like... major social anxiety involving my boss), just made tonight a pajamas and American Dad night.

So, on that note... here's a clip from American Dad of Roger acting like a psychotherapist:

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