Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, today is my birthday

And I went to work.  In the past, I had always booked the day of my birthday off, but I took a day off a few weeks ago. Then I got very sick about two weeks ago, so with the amount of work that had piled up, I wasn't really in a position to be relaxed on a day off.  In my previous life, I was in retail, so taking the day off for your birthday was mandatory for survival.  Otherwise, you'd have a shitastic birthday.  Ugh.  Retail.  Every so often, I think about bringing in a little cash around Christmas by working some shifts at some local place, and then I remember how bad it could be. 

Let me be clear, it's not always bad.  But I would take a bad day in my office over a bad day in retail anytime.  If I flip out in my office now, I don't have to deal with anyone I don't know.  They're all - moderately - friendly faces.  They're not people I've never met who will tell my boss I looked at them funny, or I didn't tell them to have a nice day.  Anyway, I much prefer the stress I'm feeling now to my retail stress.  Impotent office rage. Delicious.  

Besides, my plans for work today resembled something like this:

(I think it's from Black Books, which is worth a watch)
What really ended up happening is I got a lot done today.  This was good, because - truthfully - I didn't have time for that.  Plus, a couple of friends at work took me out to lunch, which was nice.  Shortly after they politely listened to me talk about my new Jeeves and Wooster boxset, the topic turned to running, which I have little or nothing to contribute.  

I tried running once.
My lunch was tasty, though, and I'm not really supposed to be talking right now, so it was good.  My one friend ran 10k in about 52 or 53 minutes so that's cool.  She started out fast and just kept her pace.  I may have walked that far in 52 or 53 minutes, if I was told there was pie at the end.   

At any rate, the truth is that it's been a good year for me since my last birthday.  I moved out of the scary part of town, into a new apartment that I love (I'm sitting in my study!  Guys, I have a study!), dated some super cool people (Phd Engineer, Aircraft that ice cream douche. Nevermind, he's not super cool), really discovered the awesomeness and sexiness in one of my friends (Ted), got a small raise (yearly increase, but - hey! I wasn't fired). Oh, and about an hour ago, I got to have this conversation:

Me:  I'm looking for a nice white wine. 
Her: Okay, what will you be enjoying this wine with?
Me: A book.
Her: ...
Her: ...Chick-lit, or murder mystery?
Me:  HA!  What have you got your hand on?  Ring it up.

When I was really sick a couple of weeks ago, my dad brought me some groceries.  Alongside those groceries, he brought some of his sundried tomato chicken pasta sauce.  I kept it in the freezer until finally having it for supper tonight, alongside that wine (the book will be read alongside shortly).

All in all a nice birthday.  I'm 31 this year, by the way.  And I feel 31.  No more, no less.  

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