Thursday, May 9, 2013

I may have started becoming something I didn't really intend to.

I was sitting in my apartment on lunch, wearing my office ID tag, eating fast food, watching popular sitcom, and checking my phone when I realized I'd become something I always hated: a total bore.  As recently as last month, I've often said that I don't understand people who just consumed everything that came their way.     There should always be at least one facet of your life where you don't give in to what's put in front of your, and you try to reach for something a little more substantial.  

I used to be very picky about the art I consumed.  I swear that's not really as pretentious as it sounds, but I would reach out for a specific book, movie, or TV show because I wanted to, not because it was there.  Not to be a contrarian, but bestsellers lists and top 40 lists used to really turn me off.  Now, I just feel like I couldn't be bothered.   I'm almost certain it's laziness and not because there's nothing new out there anymore.  I would still tell you Wenders' Wings of Desire and Kiarostami's Taste of Cherry are among my favourites, but I didn't bring a VCR with me since I moved out, so I have no idea how long it's been since I've seen them.   Oh, I should also mention Vinterberg's The Celebration.  I honestly love this movie:

The same goes for music, but not as severely.  I listen to the stuff I really love, but I haven't really listened to much that is new to me.  

I think I need to walk away from the computer more often (or simply use it smarter - more blogging, less 9gag and pewdiepie).  And I think I need to shut the phone off more often.  It's hard, though.  That's how I keep in touch with Ted.  My delightful Ted.  

I need more balance in my life.

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