Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Post-apocalyptic dating

I'm feeling both lonely and pulled in a million and In the dating world, nothing seems to be going my way.  I admit, I do have a little bit of an idea of what I want; I guess some might call it a list.  I don't like to call it a list, because they're actually quite broad requirements.  Some of these include:

- Please have a job.  Not just any job.  Please have a job that places you on the path towards the kind of work you're passionate about.
- Please have a hobby.  It doesn't have to be an incredibly involved hobby, if you're a voracious reader, that works for me.  In fact, if you're incredibly passionate about your hobby, your job will be less important to me.
- Please practice good personal hygiene.  I cannot stress this one enough, there's really no wiggle room here.
- Engineers, men working towards their doctorates or masters degrees, and genuine computer geeks (the "I create programs" guys, not the "I hang out on reddit and 4chan" guys), have a tendency to get my attention.  I often find them interesting to talk to.
- Please be a kind person.  Although I certainly allow for sarcasm and a bit of wit. Come to think of it, wit is pretty high up there, too.
- Kids are fine, but please don't expect me to meet them early on.  Let's make sure we really like each other before we involve little people's feelings, too.
- The conversation should work between us.  Not right away, because we're allowed to get nervous, or simply get our feelers out for what works, but if we can't have a steady conversation 3 months from now, what makes us think it's going to work 10 years from now.  That said, I understand things may change.  If that's the case, try then, not now.

I have a couple of small possibilities on the horizon, and there seems to be something that doesn't work
about each of them.  This is, of course, simply my take on the situation and how I feel moving forward.  They could find me repulsive, and these may not even be options really, but I can't give their side of the store.  Besides, it's my fucking blog, not theirs.

The first of these is the new hire at work.  He's a nice man, in his 30s, with two little girls.  Physically, he's quite attractive, actually.  Broad shoulders, nice bum.  I've had four other members of staff (including someone close to him, and my boss for chrissakes!), mention to me that he is single.  Alright guys, stop pushing.  I've chatted with him a couple of times, and I've gotta say, it's felt like a bit of a chore.  Also, one of the friends who had originally suggested to me that I get to know this guy seems to have changed her tune.  Well, not 'seems', she's pulled a complete 180 on me.

"I think he's too boring for you."

Originally, this hurt my feelings.  He's too boring for me?  I'm not allowed to want someone who's reliable, quiet and...standard?  I don't deserve someone who's the marrying kind?  On the other hand, I do find him a bit boring.   He'd better get interesting and a little less shy.  Frankly, at the moment, he's not even cracking my friendship shell, and almost everyone gets into that club.

Another opportunity that's presented itself is from one of the neighbours.  I have a very sweet, often annoying* young couple who lives in the same building as I do, and the young lady in this coupling has taken it upon herself to set me up with one of her closest friends.  I met him on Saturday.  I find him quite attractive, and he's quite the nice person.  I had a horrible stress headache when I first met him, but shortly after, felt at ease and comfortable.  The conversation is fine (so far), and we were alright teamed up for a game of Cranium.  I'm finding him a fair bit attractive.

Too bad he's just a puppy.

Actually, the other little snag is that he's just moved back from the prairies and doesn't seem to be employed yet.  I'm not interested in being anyone's sugar mama, I'm just trying to keep myself afloat at the moment.

So, the search continues.

Ah, also, Merry Christmas everyone.

*in their defense, if someone lives close to me, I'm probably going to label them as annoying. I have Ohnonotyouagain Syndrome, self-diagnosed.

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