Monday, November 26, 2012

I sure did bet a lot on on that horse...

As you may recall from last night's post, I was putting a lot of worry and stock into a coffee date I was getting ready for.  We met around 7:30ish, and actually chatted a fair bit.  However, I felt that he was a bit loud and opinionated for my tastes (I should be the loud an opinionated one in the relationship), and - although we agreed on a lot of things - I really felt bored with some of the conversation fairly early on.   I was originally worried that I would be attracted to his personality and then have trouble with the physical attraction.  In actual fact, the physicality wasn't that bad (he was nothing I would complain about), but I just wasn't feeling.

I went for a walk this evening.   I think it was about an hour long or so.  I really like my neighbourhood.  I need to track where I've been and explore my whole neighbourhood before the snow really starts to fly.  I think "map my walk" would help with that?  Must investigate.

Also, although I've had a less than stellar date last night, and a not so exciting day today (I could use the phrase "tore me a new one" here), it's been a nice night.  I put my tree up a few nights ago, I've got a gin and tonic, and I've found a Rory Stewart documentary on Afghanistan.  So, I'm about as happy as I can get at the moment.  Happier if Rory Stewart was here in person on my couch, but I won't be too picky.

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