Saturday, September 5, 2015

I'm back, baby! Sorta.

Bless me, Blogger, for I have sinned.  It has been well over a year since my last blog post.

A lot has changed since my last entry.   I'm still seeing the gentleman I mentioned in my last blog post; in fact, he's moved in and sleeping in the next room as I type this.  His name is Martin.

His dog moved in, too. I love this dog.
Martin is a manager in the restaurant industry.  Martin plays bass, guitar, and piano.  Martin wishes he wrote more.  Martin loves puns.  Martin is the only person I've ever been able to stand sleeping beside for several nights on end.  All the nights, now.

A lot of the important things haven't changed.  I still hate most of my neighbours, I still feel bad for not reading enough, and work is still bullshit (but it's work, so I would expect nothing less). I'll be going on vacation again soon, but this time I won't be setting any writing goals, and finishing out my vacation feeling like I've wasted it by doing nothing.

On the neighbour front:  the very trashy building next to me went through a lot of changes.  On a very cold day last January or February, the city came to the building and kicked everyone out.  No one who lived there paid any rent.  All the weirdos I'd been seeing were squatters.  Great.  For a little while, the building looked like this:

It was in the papers and on the evening news.   Someone has put a lot of work into the place (they had to gut it; there were needles all over the place, holes in the wall, and even the banisters in the hallway were ruined), and it has new people in it.   I'm really grateful something's been done.  I was worried about my car at times, worried about being approached, and always worried I would be woken up by an altercation outside.

At one point shortly after it had closed, I was heading to work, and a guy on a bicycle was just outside the door to my building.  Like, just waiting for someone to come out.

"Is Ben there?" he said.
"There's no one named Ben in this building."
"Can I just..."
"No, I'm not letting you in."
"I'm supposed to meet Ben, he said he'd be in the building next to his old building."
"I don't know what to tell you, but I'm not letting you in, and I have to get to work."

I was really rattled after that conversation. On that delightful note:hi ho.

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