Sunday, April 20, 2014


Headphones - meaning, little speakers you put either in or on your ears to hear music - have changed over the past few years.  They're starting to come in fun colours, in different sizes, all that fun stuff.

Here's the thing: no one seems to give a shit about sound anymore.  I was in a bookstore (of all places), with my sister-in-law the other day, and they now have an electronics section.  In the bookstore*.  So, we had already had our first encounter with the "electronics associate"**, and were wandering around looking at other stuff, when I see the headphones display:

Yeah, there's a fucking mirror.  The creepy associate comes around the corner and tells me to try some on and see how they look.  SEE HOW THEY LOOK.  I don't need headphones, so I declined, but I said to him "wouldn't you want to hear what they sound like?"

"Oh, yeah, you can plug them in and do that, too."  But the offer was secondary to see how they look. Maybe it's a sign I'm getting older, but I was just floored that they would even have the display like that.    The mirror gets more space then the headphones.  I can't imagine what people would think of my home headphones:

Built for sound quality and comfort, not unlike my own body.
The associate was constantly under our feet, so sister-in-law and I wandered off a few more feet, into the books, picked one up to suggest it to her, and the associate was right there again.

"I cannot recommend that book*** enough."

I set the book down, and we both just gave him an exasperated look.  Seriously, dude?

But yeah, mirrors, so you can see what you look like in your headphones.

* "We sell e-readers, so we have to have our dick in a number of other pies, too."
** these douchebags warrant their own post, to be honest.
*** The Help.

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  1. Yesterday, I saw a girl wearing headphones and carrying on a conversation. So sadly, I think they are an accessory now, the way you & I wear rings or necklaces. *sigh*