Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I should probably call the cops.

Starting around the 4am mark, someone in the next building has been playing their music nice and loud.  At 4 in the morning.  I can't be certain that it's what woke me up, but I can confirm that I'm not usually awake at that hour for no reason. 

What the hell is wrong with people?  When I first moved in, that building was full of young people with young children.  Sure, they weren't my cup of tea, but they were reasonable enough.  Once or twice on a weekend, I would hear loud music, but I kind of enjoyed it.  I live in the city, and I like hearing other people enjoy music.  The boys below me play music a bit loudly some days while I'm reading upstairs, and it actually makes me smile more than anything.  I hope that doesn't make the creepy old lady in the building.

Returning to the matter at hand, about 6 months ago, the building next door changed hands, and it seems to have fallen apart.  The yard is full of crap, including a giant garbage can that never seems to be emptied.  People drive their cars right up to the door, and one of the dwellers is the sort of douchebag who will lean out the window to yell obscenities at his friend who just pulled up*.  The window-leaner is often seen sporting a baseball cap that is far too clean, and a wife-beater that is far too dirty.  Unfortunately, this may be the most reasonable inhabitant of the building; leaning out is his only source of escaping the dwelling, if only for a moment.

The police have been by the building several times, once blocking my road enough that I went around the block and came in the back way.  One of the apartments has a couple in it comprising of two people who can't bear to be single, but also beat the hell out of each other whenever their hectic schedules allow.

I like my building, and I'm not planning on moving.  My landlord's reasonable, and so are the other people in my building, even if I have facepalm moments with them**.  If I were in the other building, though, I would have serious issues.  Just an entire building of assholes.

*I have reason to believe the previous owner of the building took all the screens with her.
**Thanks for not holding the door for me when I had two arms full of groceries, bitch.

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