Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey's Readathon Progress

This is my second readathon, although it is my first participating in "the Dewey*"  Given that we're close to Halloween,   I'm focusing on horror or creepy. 

Today,  I'm reading with two of my oldest friends**, and they seem to be making better progress than me.  When I spend time with them and we chat about books, it becomes clear to me that I read the least of the three of us.  This is a little saddening for me, as I used to pride myself on being well read. Each time I spend a good block of time reading, I have the sad realization that I'm not a quick reader.  Truthfully, I'm not incredibly well read, and I'm a slow reader.  I don't know if there's an anonymous group for it - probably in the realm of 'whiny babies anonymous' or 'spoiled brat douchebaggery' - but if I find one, I may attend a meeting or two.  At the very least, I'll find someone who's worse off than I, and nothing warms the soul better than finding someone you can look down upon***.

Moving on, I did manage to finish one book this time around so far (still many hours to go).   This is what I've dipped into so far:

I had started out reading Dark Companions, the short story collection of Ramsey Campbell's.  His stuff is quite chilly, more atmospheric than most modern popular horror (like something's not quite right until the final, horrifying reveal. Not to say it's formulaic in any way, because it's not.)

Stephen King's "On Writing," is a re-read for me.  Like a conversation with an old friend.

And I started and finished "The Witches," by Roald Dahl.  Delightful.  I almost brought "Switch Bitch," a collection of short stories for adults, but I'm glad I went with this one.

At any rate, back to it.

*I apologize if referencing it this way is not proper.  I certainly mean no disrespect in any way.
**Meaning, I've known them the longest.  I'm not here to get myself in trouble.
***For those who haven't met or read me: yes, that was tongue in cheek.

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