Monday, October 8, 2012

Met the new neighbours the other day.

Well, technically, I'm the new neighbour.  On Saturday, I had gone out to the new place with a carload of things, and a young lady introduced herself to me.  She was super friendly and offered to carry some things up, and then have me over for tea.  I was quite impressed with both her and her boyfriend.  They seem really nice.

I'm afraid I came across as dull during the conversation.  Lately, both work and the move have been consuming a fair amount of my time.  This young couple couldn't relate to my desk job, and I couldn't relate to... their warmth?  I'm not certain, but I do know that at some point in the conversation, the boyfriend mentioned that he had given a homeless guy a number of phone numbers that could help him out.  Not to mention, of course, that they were perfectly natural in inviting me into their home and making me a cup of tea, whereas I would not have been as cozy.  I came away from the entire meeting feeling both inspired and somewhat shameful. 

At any rate, I'm getting more and more excited about the new place every day.  For a moment, just before I put my key in the door, I imagined that everything was already moved in, and I was about to walk into my living room.  It's going to be really nice when it's all finished.

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